Saturday, January 21, 2006

this house a complete and utter war zone and Im the enemy I cant do anything right I get the best grades I can Im passing all my classes I keep my room clean most the time and yet still everytime I ask for something they say no all I wanted was hairdye .... pink hair dye ... no sam cant have hair dye but they will help the tobbaco industry and buy my brother cigerattes that will give him cancer ..... its so stupid I try so hard to make everyone happy and in the end no ones hapy especially me it just makes me want to REBEL and say screw it I want to be happy so bad and it isnt going to happen by pleasing my parents .... they want whats best .. making your child feel as though they will never be good enough no matter how hard they try and that they are a complete screw up ISNT HELPING THEM AT ALL .. My brother can take my grandmas car and go get drunk and high and still they buy him cigarrettes and he gets to use their cars sam hasnt done anything even close to that and nope she cant do shit or get anything



Blogger You Know What Im Sayin? said...

its okay sammy i still love you!!
just though id say that!!!!


24/1/06 8:42 PM  
Blogger Lifeguard said...

Calm down. Thinking that nobody cares isn't the best thing in the world. the youth will cheer you up just come down to the church and have some fun with the youth peace

25/1/06 10:08 AM  

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